Watching “War of the Planets” … Dig your groovy & far out show! Stay cool & hip!

Douglas Snyder (VA)

Love you Dolls and Cats and movies. Snap and keep watching the skies in STL, MO

Jessica Ann

I want to thank you for airing House On Haunted Hill. It was my absolute fave as a little monster, growing up in New Jersey.

Scotty Servis

Gammera is my favorite! You just can’t beat a turtle with jets coming out his butt!

Gail Hixson Lynes

I love Off Beat Cinema. It’s the best, especially Zelda – she’s a doll!

Elmer J Schleifer

This is so great!! How is everyone doing at Off Beat Cinema?! : ) Sure miss my hometown & your cool show here in Coos Bay, Oregon! Have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle P Melis

Loved the movie, they just don’t make them like they used too!! Love Retro TV

Wendy Ogle

Please keep RTV ‘securing’ OBC. I spent over year w/o OBC in the ATL market. I became depressed and wore out my Miles Davis vinyl.

Timothy Von Schaaf

Off Beat Cinema has great movies on Saturday night, I will watch.

Jose Rodriguez

Love this movie (The Thingler) since I was a kid. We use to scream along with the audience. Great fun.

Sheila Castle Lugo