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“Mama’s Place” (1959)
August 4th
August 4th
Ed McMahon ( former sidekick of Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show" ) narrates this avant garde horror flick that follows the tortured trail of a murderer. This was the flick showing in the theatre where "The Blob" attacked!

Hi Ooo!

August 11th
August 11th
Robert Alda, ( father of popular "M✱A✱S✱H" star Alan Alda ) stars with Neil Hamilton ( the Police Commissioner on the TV series "Batman" ) as a man haunted by a demonic temptress who says the devil made him do it!
August 18th
August 18th
If there is one thing aliens from another world can't resist, it's the girls from small town America. This drive-in classic features what appear to be lobster like creatures that only toy like "ray guns" can conquer!

Pass the drawn butter!

August 25th
August 25th
Texas is hot this time of year, so the giant gila is looking for some cool people to hang out with, and terrorize! Ken Curtis ( he played Festus on "Gunsmoke" ) directs.

Your gills will fill with laughter with this one!

David Kane, Bird, Zelda and Theodore


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The Hungry EarThe show is filmed in the Hungry Ear Coffee House, a whacked-out poetry basement located somewhere in downtown Buffalo, NY. The Hungry Ear Coffee House is a mad pad, Dad… and the kind of place where Boris Karloff could sit with Ed Wood and discuss the transcendence of the ego and how that applies to Moe Howard getting a cream pie in the face. A comfortable pad where former Beatle Pete Best could sit with the Goo Goo Dolls and discuss the merits of 3D giant insect fear films. I think you get the picture…

The beatniks also like to take the show on the road with gigs at Canalside or at far-out locations like Hot Mama’s Canteen! Check out the fun in the portfolio section.


Zelda had some fun at the Niagara Falls ComiCon 2018 in Canada. Unfortunately, Theo and Bird were detained at the border for further questioning.

Coming soon to Off Beat Cinema, ace reporter Zelda interviews Outstanding Actor, Dora Award Nominee for JERUSALEM and Canadian Screen Awards Nominee BAD BLOOD, Kim Coates! Plus Zelda asks Dawn Wells, the hip farmer chick Mary Ann from Gillian’s Island fame, “what was her favorite B-Movie”?

Stay Tune cats and kitties!